Plastic Free July environment quote

How much plastic are you using? Plastic Free July!

Every July, I LOVE seeing everyone participating in Plastic Free July. Maybe I really notice it because I also work in bulk foods, but it’s becoming more mainstream every year.

The goal is to buy no single-use plastic for the whole of July. It’s a tough goal! BUT, even if you don’t achieve it, it’s a great opportunity to become more aware of the plastic you’re using.

Plastic Free Swaps

We’ve all seen lists of plastic free swaps, like taking your own coffee cup and reusable shopping bags – I don’t think I need to list them again. So instead, here are some of my top non-generic and inexpensive plastic free swaps:

  • Buy herbs & spices in bulk: I hate buying tiny bags of herbs and spices – all that plastic for just a few grams of product! Save plastic and money by buying your herbs and spices in bulk stores. Plus, they’ll be fresher and more flavoursome!
  • Make your own snacks: Making your own is a great way to reduce plastic, save money, and you know exactly what’s going into it, so you can make it as nutritious as possible.
  • Use bar soap: Instead of a plastic bottle of body wash, I use bar soap. I use soaps that are 100% natural, so gentle on skin, and only $10 for about 6 months worth! For a little more, you could also find a bulk store to refill your body wash.
  • Water, vinegar, bi-carb: And maybe some essential oils. For a couple of dollars, you can have a cleaning product that replaces countless other products that are in plastic bottles and filled with potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Forget makeup wipes: Does anyone else think makeup wipes are getting crazily expensive?! I use a crochet organic cotton round, which can be washed and reused indefinitely. If you wear a lot of makeup, you’ll probably need some sort of cleansing balm, but a simple cotton round is perfect for minimal makeup days.

Reducing our plastic consumption is a great not only for the environment but for our own health, too. If you’ve made any plastic-free changes, I’d love to see them – tag me in them on Instagram!

And finally, to learn all about Plastic Free July and get involved, check out their website.